Thursday, 21 March 2013

Yet another thing I'm doing

I do a lot of things, don't i?

So, I am still doing the book about self harm! Post over here  and information is in the Projects header ^

But, new thing!

I am hoping to volunteer my time at a wildlife preservation this summer, between my semesters, down in South Africa.

Cool, right?

But also expensive.  As such, I am looking to get donations from animal and adventure loving people, who want to further a broke ass student in her studies and goals in life!

Now, over 1/3 of the money raised is directly for the wildlife preservation to help pay for their overhead, food, medicine and the paid (local) labor. The rest of it is pretty much all flights. Because, holy crap, flying to Johannesburg is expensive!

If you can donate, or want more information about this project, there are links in the Projects header ^ and here is the link to the gofundme page I have set up. There are more details to be found there!

Donate to me!

We are offering small rewards to those who donate money. Now, keep in mind, broke ass students here. We are doing the best we can to help those in need, while still being able to afford school (not as easy as you think).

We are trying to do something that we both (hubs and I) think is important. We want to not only be able to see some of the endangered wildlife in Africa, but we also want to do what we can to help ensure the survival of those species.

Did you know what there are only 4 white rhinos in the wild today? 4. And the idea that they are killed for the stupidest fake "science" ever makes me sick.

It is humans who have destroyed the habitat, the water and the food. It is humans who kill and maim them for fun.
And it should be humans who do what they can to save them.
So, please help, if you can.

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