Saturday, 11 August 2012

Closing Ceremony

I think I've mentioned this before, but part of the program at Soonchunhyang (yup-back to Korea for this post, sorry it's all out of order!) is to attend the closing ceremony. This is where the staff thank everyone, announce some awards, and wish everyone well during the coming two month holiday.

Mostly, we got because A. we have to, since its mandatory, and B. for the free food.

I went for those reasons, but because I also won an award! Go me! Apparently, my exchange Andy and I had never missed a meeting! As such, we won the Best Exchange Pair award. In truth, he was one of my favourite exchanges-we talked about more than just cultural differences. We talked about books, weird phrases in English, and all the kinds of fruit he has never tried. I also taught him about sarcasm. He caught on really quick!
Andy and I are to the right of the pic. The middle pair were also in my list of favourite people at SCH. Bernice, from Vancouver, and Beatrice (chae Hee), who was in my suite. The other international, Garrett, was another of those favourite people!

The ceremony is also an excuse to hang out with friends, before everyone gets too busy with exams, packing, and moving out. 

I mentioned that there's a lot of people I;m going to miss? This is one of them. She was my international suitemate, this second semester, and was also at SCH for my first semester. She's still there right now, and she better miss me! We had a lot of fun together, and I miss her more than I thought I would. She was pretty chronic sick during the semester, so we didn't get to go out as much as I'd have liked, but, there's always over here in North America!
And this is the man and his roommate. I didn't get any pics with my roommate. I didn't see her that often.
I didn't get many pictures with a lot of people, since I was usually the one who was taking the pictures. But there are many people that I miss. Some more than others-especially for the crew in second semester. Later this week, one of my faves is coming up from Texas to visit, so we can go to the Anime Revolution. Otaku fun ftw!

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