Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Busy, or something

I have a lot of things that i want to talk about here, but, man, finding time is a bitch.
Lots of schoolwork, actual work, contest I'm entering, an art auction I'm participating in, transferring schools...ugh. And more.

I haven't had time to update my comic in, like, forever, and I feel bad for it. I want to make up for it soon, but it will have to wait until the semester is over. Shit is just stupid crazy at the moment.

I'm going back home to Ontario for Christmas, to see my family and celebrate with them. Hopefully, that will end well. I got most of my gifts already bought, since I hate that whole Christmastime in the malls thing.

Things should get better in just over a week or so. Hopefully, I'll be able to update all my things around then.

But for now, a new photo of yours truly!