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The Cutting Truth

 I am looking for submissions from current and former self-harmers. Short stories, thoughts, feeling, blurbs, drawings, photos, poetry ANYTHING. So, please, spread the word to anyone you know that can help out. Those who submit have the option of being credited for their input, or remaining anonymous. I will never give  out the identity of someone who wishes to remain unknown.

Once this book gets made, majority of the proceeds will go to various mental help clinics, and help groups.

So, please help me with this project if you can! Spread the word, submit, and do whatever you can!

Submissions can be sent to

Volunteer Project at a Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa

I am looking to spend my semester breaks off volunteering for worthy causes in order to both gain experience in the field of natural science, and also to find my place of "self" in the global community. 
The current volunteer opportunity of choice is at a Wildlife sanctuary in South Africa. According to the project details:
The sanctuary serves to provide a safe haven for orphaned or injured animals that would otherwise not face a future of survival. Most of the animals in the park have been tamed and because of this cannot be part of a reintroduction program. This allows volunteers to get up close and personal with the animals, providing a unique hands-on experience. The park uses its film department to raise money to further improve the quality of life for the animals as well as increase future possible conservation efforts.
While I would love it if anyone can donate to me going, I would also encourage everyone to participate in the plethora of volunteer opportunuties that are available.
This world is not going to fix itself. It requires hard work and sweat, and a commitment from everyone.

More information about my volunteer project is here  
Information about the volunteer site Go Eco

Donate for my cause! 

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