Saturday, 26 September 2015

RoadTrip Complete!

So, I am back from my epic American road trip! I've been back for a while, honestly, but I have been hella busy with school and work and all those adult things that everyone hates. I am going to be doing individual posts for most of the stops, but as a short, bullet point overview:

  • Dallas has a really great gym
  • San Antonio Lone Star Boots are HUGE
  • San Antonio  Natural Bridge caverns are amazing, and somewhat terrifying
  • Galveston is pretty
  • Alabama HATES me
  • New Orleans is exactly as everyone says
  • DragonCon was so amazing, but poorly planned on  my part, but still awesome.

I'll try and get some posts up soon, but, to tide you over, here is part 1 of a video I took in Fossil Rim Nature Centre. Its sorta like Canada's African Lion Safari. Part 2 is on my YouTube channel, so feel free to check it out.

Also, there may be more Throwback posts, but I don't have any ready at the moment. I guess we shall see?

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Throwback Thursday-Toronto Boat Cruise!

Another throwback post to Toronto! Now, I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE Groupon for fun activities to do in new (or re-visited) cities. They can also be a lot of fun for locals who want to try something new and interesting, but don't want to invest too much into the activity.
For Toronto, we met up with a friend from Korea, who lived in Vancouver, and moved to Toronto (and is now back in Vancouver again) who we try to see regularly. She is always down for just about anything new, so we took a tall-mast boat tour of the Toronto harbor! 
The price was pretty decent ($15 or so per person), the tour lasted an hour, and they had music, fun activities, food and drinks available for purchase, and some great views of the Toronto skyline. There are sunset tours, and a dinner tour available as well, but this basic tour is the cheapest option available. 
I don't know if they have any more groupons offered, but the website for the company is  and its a great way to feel like a pirate for an hour!
Thar she blows! The beautiful ship in the Toronto harbor 

View of the CN Tower from the boat dock-or maybe the boat? I don't remember

How pretty is this boat?

Set sail!
View of the skyline, not far out

That's better, right? A nice view of the Toronto skyline, early afternoon

Don't forget that Toronto has an island! 

The weather got a little grey and windy away from the protected harbor

A little bit of fog, but no rain

A vanity shot of the CN tower. She looks so pretty!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Throwback Thursday! Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto!

Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto is actually quite new, and they tried to make it as innovative as they could. Its an okay aquarium, but really busy and a bit overpriced for the attractions they had. That said, I would still recommend going on a trip to the CN tower (the aquarium is right underneath).
aquarium and CN tower

Skeletons on display

So many people


Here's looking at you, kid

Octopus tentacles 

Reef (which is highly endangered FYI)

Sharks (also endangered)

Sawfish (endangered...see a trend?)

Swordfish (obviously endangered)

Sting ray 

JellyFish (not endangered-the only one)

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Throwback Thursday! Niagara falls!

I went on a big trip across Ontario last summer, and I never got around to blogging, like, any of it! How awful of me, I know. So, to rectify this situation, I am posting them now, as throwback posts. They will be primarily photos, and a bit of fun and/or relevant information with said photos. Sorry for taking forever with these! Sometimes, I am AWFUL!

These posts should tide you over until I get to posting the ones from the upcoming roadtrip, that I am super stoked for!

We went to Niagara Falls, Canadian side! Whats cool about Niagara Falls, besides the actual falls, is that you can do this area pretty cheap. There are always cheap rates on Groupon that include food vouchers, and a tour of either a winery or a chocolate tour or something. There are also several casinos and a lot of shopping, both high end and kitschy local crap, as well as a lot of Canadian themed things, and a Hershey chocolate factory. 
We are so cute as fuck
Canadian side is prettier, and bigger.
Look at all that mist!
Look at that cute husband!
They have all sorts of rides and games all over the place, in case seeing one of the wonders of the world isn't enough.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Vancouver PRO/AM Fit expo

I had the opportunity to go to the FIRST Vancouver PRO/AM bodybuilding competition and fitness expo. This is the first of a new Olympia qualifying competition, so a lot of big names came out to see the expo, or compete. It was cool, because there was a lot of amateur competitors there as well, so I got to see what some of the local ladies and gents look like. 
The event was the weekend of July 25-26, but I only went on the Saturday. It was actually quite a small event, but it was pretty busy, what with it being the first of its kind.

One of my favourite moments was getting to see some of the champions. Like, Flex Lewis. And Dana Lynn Bailey. Mostly DLB. Seriously. I couldn't go near her-I was both in awe, and terrified I'd embarrass myself. Which I would have. I'll have a video of some of her talk on my YouTube later!

And Rich Piana. Now, if you don't know, yes, this man is on steroids, and he promotes the CAREFUL and PROPER use of them. Despite that, it still takes a LOT of work to get, and maintain, being this big. If you feel the need to talk about how big dudes are all on steroids, or some shit-don't. if you really can;t stop yourself, go somewhere else. I don't want to hear it.
And he is fucking huge.

They also had some pretty cool demonstrations, although  most of them I didn't get pictures of. There was belly dancing, pole dancing, powerlifting, and other lifts. We watched this girl basically giver herself an aneurysm. Well, not actually, but after she got these 5 plates (just under 225kg) up, she gave herself a nose bleed. We decided to leave after that.

And one of the cool things about the expo was all the free samples we got! Don't get me wrong, we bought a bunch of stuff too. Although I forgot to buy protein, which is awful, since I'm actually about to run out. There were also lifting competitions for the guests to win prizes, like shirts or shaker cups. One of my friends had to win me a Pharmafreak tank top because my finger makes me still kinda gimpy. Its so close to being healed, but so far.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Travel Announcement!

I know,  I know,  I just got through all the Hawaii posts, and I'm announcing a new travel destination already? What can I say, I like to travel. This trip is a bit of a departure from the usual though-it's a roadtrip! My first one!

The whole reason we are going on a trip at all is to go to the illustrious Dragon*Con, which is an annual sci-fi/fantasy convention in Atlanta, Georgia. I've always wanted to go-most of my favourite authors attend regularly, and ONLY attend this convention. Now, I won't be able to bring, like, anything to get signed, what with the packing light and all, but getting to see and chat with them will be rad as fuck. Once Dragon*Con was settled, we decided to meet up with a Texan friend, as well as one from California, and thus spawned a roadtrip.

The original plans have expanded, a lot more than I'd anticipated, so there will be lots of bulk food buying, and doing things on the cheap (or, trying not to go into debt) but I think it will be hella fun, and I am so excited to go! Where are we going? Glad you asked! Here is a breakdown of where we are going!

Bus to Seattle, WA
Fly from Seattle to Dallas, TX
Dallas to San Antonio TX
San Antonia to Galveston TX
Galveston to Houston TX (MOTHERFUCKING NASA YO)
Houston to New Orleans, LA (the Big Easy might kill me)
New Orleans to Atlanta, GA and Dragon*Con
Atlanta to Dallas, I think.
Dallas to Seattle, then bus home.

Just two weeks, but so many destinations! Got any suggestions for places to eat, or things I HAVE to see? Totally want some input from some locals, or lovers! There will be a TONNE of pics and videos, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and my Instagram if you haven't already! Links are ^

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hawaii beaches, sunsets and the pretty stuff

Hawaii is known as paradise on earth-along with Bali, Tahiti, and the other mythic South Pacific Islands. It is the only state in America that is in the tropical bands, and perennially warm. It has its own language, its own culture, and people that still exist today, and should be celebrated. Hawaii is a place to escape, nay, THE place to escape to. It offers a refuge from the dirt, pollution and bustle of normal city life, into a environment of beauty and colour. So, enjoy that beauty!
Waikiki Beach
Waikiki beach, Diamond Head Crater.
Magic Island
Magic Island
Magic Island
Magic Island, facing Waikiki and Diamond Head
Never ending sky

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Honolulu aquarium

Given how sun burnt I was in Hawaii, I tried to do things in the shade, or indoors. Needless to say, there aren't a lot of options like that around. Not in Waikiki or Honolulu anyways. So, we went to the aquarium, in hopes to see some cool fish, and leave my poor white skin alone. 

Little baby sea turtles!
Octopus are my favourites.
Little stingray, all smily and stuff.
I like the vibrant colours.

You'll note that there isn't a lot of pictures. While my phone was having some issues, that wasn't the only reason. In truth, the Honolulu aquarium doesn't have a lot. Which I thought strange given the fact that the waters surrounding Hawaii are a marine reserve. I expected more education and more outreach, given how threatened aquatic ecosystems are. I mean, it was only $15 to get in, so it was okay, but, really, if you have the choice between the aquarium and almost anything else-go for the other thing.