Monday, 29 September 2014

Loot crate of heroes and a Giveaway!

I got more loot crates! To counter the villains theme, we got heroes this time. I was pretty excited about this one, as I knew that there would be some awesome Guardians of the Galaxy loot, and I was totally right. We are Groot!
*giveaway details at bottom of post*

I would totally watch this
I love getting personalized boxes
The ultimate anti-hero
I put this in my bathroom, and it smells GREAT
Going to put these on a pair of Chucks when I get some
How awesome is this to open?
This was a pretty exciting crate. There was also some extras, like free games from Steam and time on other games, but, really, I don't have time to play more than just Warcraft. It gets time consuming, and adding another game, with school, is just impossible for me. That said, I have a giveaway!

First come, first served! Email me at and I will give you EITHER
1. Doctor Who Legacy App
2. Defense Grid: The Awakening game on Steam for PC
3. Gauntlet in game helm-Mask of the Wrym Slayer (loot crate exclusive)  on Steam

Good luck! <3