Saturday, 4 October 2014

More Korean Beauty Products!

Maybe I should stop buying stuff online? Nah! I ordered a bunch more fun Korean products from online again. These are all from the same Korea Depart website that I posted a little while ago.
If you aren't into beauty, feel free to skip this post and move on to another one!
I got these face blotting papers ENTIRELY because I LOVED the dinosaurs. And, as it turned out, they were fantastic oil blotters. It comes with a mirror and a pad, so you don't have to touch the papers-or your face. I used all mine, and then cut my own to fit the container. I love it!
I got these with the intention of bringing them to the gym, and on vacations, so I don't have to bring my normal makeup remover and cotton pads (they never travel well). It feels great on my skin, but is not the greatest at removing eye makeup, which is unfortunate.  I still bring them to the gym though, so not a total loss.
These are, without a doubt, some of my favourite hand creams! They smell so nice, make my skin feel wonderful, and leave it feeling soft and supple, but not greasy.
These are the free samples that came with the order. I haven't actually used any of them yet  >.<
This was the ENTIRE reason for the order. I LOVE these hair masks which take away a lot of the damage of colouring my hair. You guys may have noticed, but  my hair takes a lot of upkeep, so I need to use a lot of product to keep my hair healthy, shiny and beautiful, and, seriously, these hair masks work wonders. My hair feels fantastic for nearly a week after using just one, and I will use these things until I die, or lose all  my hair. Seriously.
This BB cream is pretty meh on its own. I find it too thick, too makeup-y and just not spreadable. That said, when I mix it 50/50 with a regular moisturizer, I find it to be great. Good coverage, nice colour, not too obvious, and quite blendable. I won't buy it again, but it won't go to waste either.