Sunday, 17 May 2015

Honolulu Hawaii

I told you guys that I was in Honolulu for my secret trip-and here we are! I was there for 8 days, in, I think, the best hotel we could have got. We got an upgrade to a full 1 bedroom apartment, because we were staying so long, and it worked out really well. This is the view:
Nice, right? It was close to everything-the beach, jogging path great food, and Ala Moana, which is the giant outdoor shopping mall. We had our own full kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, and the maids came in to clean our dishes-which is perfect since it was vacation time. 
This was our first day at the beach-but not our last by far! See how pale we still are?
There are statues all over Honolulu and Waikiki that celebrate some of the prominent Hawaiians. While Hawaii is part of America, it is important to remember that Hawaii has its own culture outside of America. 
I didn't get to surf at all, which may or may not be a good thing. Bad, because its surfing, and I've never done it, but good because I didn't kill myself. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate how awesome these boards are though!
These little guys were waffles, filled with the most delightful creams! They were from a small Japanese bakery in Ala Moana. 10/10 recommend 
These guys are also from a Japanese bakery in Ala Moana-but a different bakery! Also hella tasty-and so cute!
I posted the video of this on my YouTube channel. It was a performance of traditional Hawaiian luau dancing and singing. It was really well done, and entertaining. This show is 3 days a week, and totally free on Waikiki beach.