Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New year!

Look at us, another year has come and gone, and we get to usher 2015 in now, or just have, or currently doing so, depending on whatever time zone you are in.

I have some resolutions-not that I think the turn over of a year is the only time life decisions should be made, but its as good a time as many-which are:

  • make health a priority
  • travel more
  • have more adventures
  • learn to swim
  • spend more time with friends and loved ones
  • reduce negativity in my life
  • be awesome
  • read more

Legit resolutions, I think. What about you guys, you have any resolutions this year? How did last years go?

Regardless, happy new years from me to you <3

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Wow...just wow

what the fuck happened here? I've been doing stuff-lots of stuff actually. But why no blogs?
Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. I got nothing. Seriously, I have no idea where I've been lately.

It's Christmas break for the next few weeks, so I'm hoping to write up some blogs-I've been travelling all over the place the past few weeks, and I have lots to share.

Other news?

  • quit my job (theres a video on my YouTube about it)
  • successfully finished my second last semester of university
  • went on vacation
  • starting my own Etsy store
  • looking into a European internship for the summer
  • ? Other stuff?
Yea. So. Expect some blogs about some cool stuff.