Tuesday, 27 December 2011

There is always a first

I went to Seoul-Hongdae, to be specific-and had my first go at a Korean tattoo shop. I had send a few emails to several shops over the past month or so in order to find a shop that could speak any English, and was up to my (very high) standards. Eventually, after several conversations, I decided to go with Sunrat tattoo.
There were three of us getting tattoos this day-two Canadians and a Japanese.
We also had a Korean friend with us to help with the translations, which was very handy once we got there. The artist could speak very little English, and having our friend with us was amazing. It was also his first time seeing a tattoo be done, so it was a new experience for everyone. Our Japanese friend was also a tattoo newbie, so this was a brand new thing for him as well.
This is what I got, which is based off of a painting from the Museum of Korean history, which is also below.

Forgive the picture quality.
Overall, I really liked Sunrat tattoo, and I will gladly go back there again soon. They were clean, professional, and they did some great work. They were also decently priced, and efficient. From what I could tell, between their broken English, and my broken Korean, they were very nice as well.

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