Thursday, 6 February 2014

Trees and Nature

Well, trees and nature, and all that fun stuff. I think its important for people to spend at least some part of their day outside, you know? Fresh air, sunshine, and all that stuff is super good for the body and the mind. Taking walks is therapeutic, a good form of exercise, and just all around good health. I mean, when you think about it, this whole living in dwellings, and spending our days on computers is fairly recent, evolution wise. So, spending time outside is highly needed-especially for those of us who spend a good chunk of our day in front of books, or computers. So, do yourself a favour, and go for a walk. Find a beach, a park, anything, and just let yourself be.
I just happen to live on a mountain that has some really nice trails that are quite close. So, lucky me. The beach is nice too, but its rather far now from where I live. (and by far, I mean, like, 45 minutes by transit)

So, here are the pics from my most recent walk around my mountain!

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