Friday, 28 February 2014

February Nail Swatches!

As promised, this nail swatch day will be all about thermal polishes! I adore thermal polishes, and wish I had more. I also wish that I could get them locally, because I hate waiting for orders to come in.

The polishes in question are from Polish Me Silly, which is set up on California. They have some really awesome, unique colour combinations available, so, if you are going to make a purchase, be sure to look at all of them! In addition to thermal colours, they also have many other non-thermal polishes available.

So, I'll start with a general review of the polishes, and then go to the 3 individually. I got the thermal mini set, which is 3 thermal mini polishes for $18, which is an option they don't seem to have available anymore as a set, but they are available as mini's. They arrived in just over a week to Canada, which was okay. I actually expected them to arrive sooner, as I paid a fairly high shipping rate.

The polishes themselves are just beautiful. The polish goes on smooth, if a little light. The sparkles, which range from micro to macro, and include hexagon and square, as well as circle, are all quite lovely and work really well with their respective polish colour.
Here's the thing-the sparkles are MURDER to get off. I mean, wow. Also, thermal polishes are pretty much strictly for those whom keep long nails on a regular basis. The thermal change doesn't happen with short nails.
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Here I have on Grape Intentions, which goes from  a purple to bright pink, with various shades of sparkles. Okay, so, this is 3 coats of colour. It was quite transparent, but a lovely colour combination.

This is actually my least favourite colour, all in all. I had hoped for a richer colour in general, and found it to be too transparent.

Moving along to my second fave, Mermaids tears. I actually bought this one entirely for the name, and I'm really happy I did. I really like this polish, and the colours. It starts as a brilliant green, and, as it gets warmer, fades to a lovely pale yellow.

Again, this was quite transparent, but I didn't mind with this polish. I found the transparency added to the theme of deep waters, and mystery and mermaids. The macro glitter sinks in the bottle, which may be a downside to some, but was nice for me, as I didn't have to find a way to chisel if off my nail afterwards.

Finally, my absolute favourite, Cloudy Skies! I LOVE monochromes, and I found this was the best polish out of the bunch. It wasn't transparent at all, and the colour gradient-dark grey to white-was just lovely. I found with Cloudy Skies, the sparkles really added a nice effect, giving the impression of the precipitation naturally found in clouds (trust me, I know meteorology)

Sorry about the bathtime photos, my nails were a little too short when I used this polish, and had a hard time getting warm. So, bath photos.

Overall, I really liked the novelty of thermal polishes, and will totally wear them all again. Easy application, colour stayed quite well, and just fun. I think the next ones I get will have no, or minimal sparkles though.

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