Friday, 6 June 2014

Seattle and Laurell k Hamilton

I know don't talk about it all that often, but I love reading. Seriously.  I'm not that cliche 'girl who isn't like other girls because she reads and drinks tea' kind of girl, but I do like to read. And drink tea.
But I digress.

One of my favourite authors is Laurell K Hamilton.  She writes two awesome urban fantasy series, and has some 30 novels published as well as several short stories. This past week, one of her series-Merry Gentry fae princess-got its newest release, A Shiver of Light.  To support the release, she went on tour and I finally got to meet her in Seattle. 

This is my second time meeting an author and my first time going alone. I was pretty nervous what with crossing the U.S. Canadian border but it all went fine. I love taking the bolt bus across the border because its cheaper, the seats are more comfortable than greyhound, and they have WiFi and outlets for all your charging needs. Seriously, how awesome is free WiFi in a bus?
That is not all my luggage, don't worry! I brought a tiny backpack and a bag for food, that my husband made for me.

That's right, New York Time best seller-multiple times over!

This is Laurell K Hamilton, looking amazing, rocking a super sexy dress at University Bookstore, Seattle. 
The guy taking the picture did a crappy job, but I'm happy that we even got a picture. She liked my chest tattoo <3
I was only in Seattle for about 15 hours before I came back to Vancouver. I had a class to attend, and couldn't be late. I stayed in the Green Tortoise hostel, which is at 1st and Pike, and is such a great, central location for any traveler, and was perfect for what I needed, location wise. I admit, I didn't sleep at all, mostly because the other people in my room were noisy as fuck, and I didn't expect there to be both genders in my 8 person room. Kinda threw me off. I also was paranoid as hell about waking up in time for my 6:30am bus back to Canada. But, the hostel provided breakfast, which I left too early for, and WiFi, that didn't work on my phone. So, it has the potential to be a great, cheap hostel.

But, anyways, meeting Laurell K Hamilton was just awesome.I found out a week before the event that she was coming this close to my side of the country, and I had to go. I miss a lot of cool events because they aren't close enough to me, or they are on days where I have class or work, but I think its important to do things that you WANT to do, you know?

But, seriously though, meeting her was just awesome. She as a person and through her characters inspires me daily to be comfortable with a lot of aspects of myself that are not pretty, or socially acceptable. Through her words, I learned that being me, and just me, was okay. 

So, if you guys want a new cool urban fantasy series to read, I highly suggest anything by Ms. Hamilton. If you're into vampire hunters and zombies, go with the Anita Blake series, starting with Guilty Pleasures, and if you are into fae, fairies and a little bit of torture, go with the Merry Gentry series, starting with A Kiss of Shadows.

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