Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Loot crate of awesome villains!

So, I posted a video a few months ago about my awesome loot Crate that I signed up for with my new fab credit/debit card. I had some troubles with the June Loot crate (themed Transform) and had to wait to get it for a few weeks. I don't have a video or post about that one because I didn't like it that much. July's theme of villains, however, I LOVE! 

Seriously, how awesome is the BOX!?!
What it looks like to open a Loot Crate.
Totally awesome Joker/Loki shirt. I cut the sleeves off, because I HATE things with sleeves, and it fits wonderfully. And it looks badass, right?
My awesome swag, including 2 posters (Harley and Joker) a Darth Vader key chain, Deadpool socks (which I gave to my  husband because my feet are too small) and a special cover/edition of Rocket Raccoon comic!
And, of course, the baddest of the bad, Bowser magnet!

If you guys are into geek/gamer/comic goodness, I highly recommend signing up for a Loot Crate. Awesome fun goods delivered to your door once a month-how awesome is that? I got one for my sister for her birthday, and I really hope that August has a theme that she will like!

Want to try it out? You can sign up for 1, 3 or 6 month subscriptions! Use this link to get me a free crate! 

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