Thursday, 17 July 2014

Makeup from ELF

I mentioned before that I just got a debit card that I can use online, yea? Well, I've been doing a lot of online shopping (even though I really need to stop!) and much of that has been makeup, or beauty products. So, if you don't care about what I have to say about makeup, or whatever, feel free to skip this post and move on to the next one!

This batch of goodies is from E.L.F, which stands for Eyes Lips Face. I bought this brand a LONG time ago, when it was found cheap in the grocery store. It had good coverage for the price, so I bought a lot of it years ago. Recently, on my trip to America, I found out the brand didn't go under, like I thought, just moved into Urban Outfitters and to an online store. I got all this from the online store. EVERYTHING was under $20 individually, and I think my entire order, with shipping, was about $50 CDN which is pretty good.
So, lets go through the items, shall we!
This is Zip Zapper, of which I ordered 3, because they were $1.00. Seriously. They are great from random pimple breakouts all over the body (lets face it people, pimples happen ALL over the place) before bed and in the morning. It doesn't ruin makeup, or tanning cream or anything. Totally recommended. 

Transparent mineral powder. $5.00. I actually loved this stuff so much, I'm in the process of ordering 3 more of the full sized containers. This is my first mineral makeup, and I LOVED the way my face felt after using it-so soft, like an angels ass. I went through this container in about 2-3 weeks. If that says anything.

Eyebrow kit. $3.00. It has both a brush, as well as the gel and filler. I find this really easy to use, doesn't smudge (like some, which is just awful) and does a great job of creating quick and easy eyebrows. The ONLY reason I don't use it daily is because I want to finish my old one first. 

Cream eyeliner. $3.00. This is also my first foray into cream eyeliner. The first few times I used it, I LOVED it. It does come with a small brush, that was easy to use, but, when I cleaned the brush, I apparently destroyed it, because I can't get the eyeliner on nicely anymore, because the brush is warped. So, for the price, its great, but be sure to get an extra brush.

Mineral eyeshadow duo, $3.00 each. I got Sweet and Sassy. I don't like the Sassy that much. The colour just isn't working for me, but I do like the way the these shadows go on-smooth and blendable. The Sweet colour is more my shade. I will likely order more of these, because they are super nice and delicate for the hot months, and don't rub off much, or look streaky and weird if they do.

Makeup brush set. $12.00. I needed some new brushes and, for the price, how could I not? Some of the brushes aren't great, but the few that I do like, are well worth getting the extras I don't. Nice and soft brushes, for easy application, and, really, its nice to have an actually matching set, you know?

And finally, the nail polish trio. $3.00. I have nothing good to say about this polish, except the colour. The polish was thick, a little clumpy, and might as well be peel off polish, or markers. Seriously, this polish-no matter the number of coats, top coats, dry time, anything-did NOT last unchipped for more than 3 hours. And, when it did chip, it peeled off the entire nail. Not worth it. Not even a little. 

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