Wednesday, 6 June 2012

June is hella busy

This is my last month in Korea, and I am going to make the most out of it! Or at least, as much as my budget can handle. That's the problem with being a "mature student"-you have to pay for everything yourself. Not just here in Korea, but also when I go back to Canada.
There are, of course, some things here that I will not get to see or do, but time and money prevent them. I'll come back to Korea at some point-I've come too far in learning the language to not use it again.

So, here is the plans for the next (stupid) busy month!

June 9-Tattoo appointment.
June 18-20-6 exams/packing
June 21-25-Vietnam trip (?!?! I know, right?)
June 26-Move out of SCH
June 28-World Expo in Yeosu
June 30-July 2-Busan
July 3-Seoul
July 4-Fly to Canada.
July 4-?-Sleep like the dead.

The only place I am sad I don't get to visit in Korea is Jeju Island. But, it is SO expensive to get to, and then expensive to be at. It's sad, but it is also necessary. Oh well, next time!

This all said, if my updates-both here and at my comic-are spotty, please forgive me! I'll do my best!


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