Saturday, 16 March 2013

I'm back!

Well, mostly back anyways. I still have a big project to do, as well as a midterm-plus finals-but I have enough breathing space to be able to update here, and try to remember my social life. Not that I have much of one, mind you.

Anyways, right before I took my hiatus, I had a very good friend of mine come visit. It was his first time in Vancouver, which is crazy since he has been all over the world. We tried to get him to see the good parts of Van, but it's hard when there is only 1 day.

We took him out to Trees cafe (which I did a cafe review on back when I was writing for Beyond Robson, which seems to be on permanent hiatus) and got some mighty delightful cheesecake and yummy drinks.

He was here in the city to do a Microsoft thing with Windows Azure (of which I know nothing about) and to see us. I like to stroke my ego and say it was all us, but, I don't pay his salary, which puts me at a slight disadvantage in that department.
After his presentation thinger, he came over to enjoy a lovely game of Catan, Star Trek version (and kicked my ass, like, wow) and to hang out with my lovely bear Leonard (whom you may remember was a gift from my dear Texan friend).

The awesome news out of all of this is that he, and his lady friend, are coming to Fan Expo Vancouver, so we get to see him again super soon! Hurray for social lifes and awesome, amazing friends!

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  1. Yay for breathing space!! I'm heading for a dessert date with a friend tomorrow night, excited for my delish cheesecake bliss!