Monday, 20 May 2013

Granville Island and the Waffle bar

I don't normally make it to Granville Island, but, as I had some friends (from the previous post) were visiting, and its a pretty cool place to go.

But, before we went to the island (that's not actually an island) we went for breakfast. I know, I know, why eat before going to the island of food? Well, simple. We wanted waffles.
Sweet glorious waffles, stuffed with goodies.
Seriously though, Miura waffle and milk bar is amazing. The prices are legit, the serving sizes are damn near perfect, and the variety is amazing-considering everything comes on fresh made waffles.

The husband and I split ours-he gets a egg and cheese, and I get a fruit and cream, and we split halfsies. I find it the best way to not over do one particular variety, and it sorta feel like I get a meal, followed by dessert. Seriously, a great place to get some quick, and delicious food.

The food was enough to get us through our walk on Granville, without weighing us down with heavy eats. Seriously, good choice for us.
It's really nice to walk around Granvills Island, take in a show or two-of which there are many to choose from-and just enjoy the sunshine. I can't imagine it being very nice in the rainy weather, but, when its nice, its so beautiful.

Also, pro tip-if you want to get ice cream, totally go in to the shop, rather than the line outside. It is MUCH faster service, and then you can actually see the ice cream varieties that are available.

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