Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Why I'm busy

  • Summer classes have started up again
  • I am in a condensed class, which means twice the work per week
  • I got a job, at a restaurant, where I work weekends
  • Plenty of friends have been/will be visiting in the next little while
  • Saw Iron man 3-amazing
  • Saw Star Trek Into Darkness-fuck all the nay-sayers, it was awesome
  • Going to see The XX this weekend (!!!!!)
  • Looking for co-op positions for the Fall
  • Planning a trip to San Francisco in August, for a week
  • Little bro went in for surgery (he's okay, thankfully)
  • My comic artist basically quit, so I need to find a new one
  • Started writing a new comic story (superheroes and world destruction, boo yea!)
And that seems to be that, plus all the normal things of life, like classes, working out, eating, sleeping, etc etc.

Enjoy some XX before I hit the show up, and bombard you with videos!

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