Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Wallflower

While my friend from the previous post was visiting, we found this AMAZING restaurant, with some of the best gluten free and vegetarian/vegan options around.
Let me state that I am not gluten free, I will never be gluten free (unless I develop an allergy) and don't really condone voluntary gluten freeness.
I am, however, vegetarian with lots of other food allergies, and generally prefer vegan, when given the option.

Anyways, we found this place called The Wallflower, at Main and 8th.
When first walking in, it feels like an art deco kind of place, but, once you look around more, that feeling is gone. Instead, there is a table set up from a Mrs Pacman game (100% useable) and creepy faces in the flowers on the walls (get it, wall flower?)

The staff were a little offputting, but, friendly enough. It is full of tattooed, pierced folks, all there to get some good food, and not have to worry about allergies and food preferences. I fit right in.
The menu is really the best part of the restaurant. I mean, the decor is great too, but, really, the menu is fabulous. SO many gluten free options, ranging from fried chicken, to mac and cheese, and poutine. The vegan options also included mac and cheese, poutine, sheppards pie, and burgers. There were a bunch of other options too, but those were the most tempting to me.

I ended up getting a hummus and veggie melt, with a side of poutine. The hubs got a burger and poutine, and our gluten free friends got the friend chicken and a burger.
The food was amazing. Seriously, I have not been that satisfied with an entree meal in a LONG time. I didn't have to settle for something I didn't want, but was the only option, and they really made an effort to have as many options available as possible.

 It was decently priced, and fast with service. I will totally go back, again and again, for the privilege of being able to actually have a full menu to chose from.


  1. You are amazing. Awe-inspiring.
    I'm so glad you dragged my fat ass up that mountain and found that restaurant.
    I love you, Kris too, can't wait to see you again soon.
    Send me your full mailing address soon.