Monday, 13 January 2014

Ontario-Final post!

There won't be much text in this post, since its mostly selfies, and some pictures of my parents cute dog. Her name is Abby and she is a Shilo Sheppard. She's a super sweet dog, but terrified of, like, the world. Seriously, a scaredy dog. Afraid of loud noises, the outside, other dogs, everything. Its cute, but, also not very awesome in some regards. I think she just turned 4, so she still has a number of years left in her. I hope she mellows out, fear wise, as she gets older. It would be nice to take her for a walk without her freaking out.

And now the selfies. Some of these are fashion related, or makeup related, and if you guys have any questions as to where/how/when/how much I got anything in the pictures, feel free to comment, or send me an email, and I will happily give you all the details I can!

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