Saturday, 4 April 2015

Disneyworld- downtown Disney!

Downtown Disney is basically a giant shopping and food area that is free admission.  I'm pretty sure you can JUST go to downtown if you really want. I'd highly recommend going to at least one of the parks though. They are super fun!
But i digress.
Downtown Disney. Lots of shopping and food, but there is also a lot of entertainment options. There is a movie theater, as well as hybrid restaurant/entertainment shops that have some super long hours for visitors. Downtown Disney also has all of the characteristics of the parks, such as statues, ice cream stands, Mickey shaped everything, as well as all the Disney merch and photo ops you could possibly ask for. Actually, downtown Disney might have a TOUCH more shopping options, as they cater to all the parks features, so you can get a lot of the other park merchandise that may not be in the park you went to (unless you went to them all, in which case you are a baller, and need to take me next time).
Holidays at Disney are AWESOME
Frozen is big all year long, but its even MORE pronounced at Christmas!
Typical picture of men waiting while the ladies shop? 
Yea, okay, so how awesome is this dragon made of Lego? Like, are you kidding me here?
I think I read somewhere that this is actually functional?
Snowflakes in the land of sun!
Seriously, ANY Christmas decoration you could possibly ask for Disney style. 

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