Monday, 13 April 2015

Fan expo Vancouver 2015

For the second year in a row, I managed to hit up some of Fan Expo Vancouver! Only a week after Emerald city made for a busy as hell comic con run, but it was a lot of fun. The nice thing about the one here in Vancouver is that it is still pretty small, so its much less chaotic. The downside is that, sometimes, the guests are less than super impressive. And more likely to cancel (*cough* Karen Gillian*cough*)

Anyways, the big draw for me was seeing Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma Swan on Once upon a Time. She was funny as hell, and I recorded a smidge of her talk. They SAID no recordings but a little one doesn't hurt right?

Did you go to Fan Expo? Are you going to the one in Toronto-which is the big one? Let me know in the comments!
Hair was on point. So was my Loot Crate shirt.
The Delorean, from Back to the Future. I think it was here last year too.
I wish I had this much time on my hands. Like, for real.
I think this was for charity?
Jennifer Morrison. She moves around a lot.
So, i assume you don't know these guys by sight, but the fellow is Brad Swaile, better known as Light in Death Note, and Gohan in Dragonball Z. The lady in the middle is Veronica Taylor, best known as Ash (and his mother) from Pokemon, Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon Crystal, and April O'Neil on TMNT
Have you watched the cycling anime? WAY better than I was expecting! Little cards are great for all the travelling I do too!
One of my fave, top 10 animes for sure. If you haven't watched it, drop everything, and start. Its amazing. Seriously. Go.
Also drop everything and run to get the Rat Queens comics. As long as you are into badass babes, who put the sexy back into wholesale slaughter. Hannah is my spirit animal.
New deadlifting socks! Now I just need to deadlift more often
And, obviously, I needed the Boba Fett dress. I mean, who doesn't?

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