Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Emerald city comic con 2015

You know, this is one of the comic cons I go to the most, I think. This has to be, what, my 4th? maybe? Something like that. I go so often, and I am always impressed at Emerald City. The sheer amount of panels, the guests, the gaming, the availability of STUFF, the size, and the accommodation of people-be it kids, new families, gender-fluid bathrooms, quite zones and what not are all spectacular, and probably the most inclusive of all cons. Seriously, they had gender free washroom facilities-how awesome is that?

We only went one day, due to finances and time constraints from school, which sucked, but it was still a great time. We got there when it opened, and stayed for a full 12 hours, staying to watch the AMAZING cosplay contest. I really need to u my cosplay game, by the way. I have two in the works right now, and I want to do one for Hannah from Rat Queens, which, by the way, if you haven't read, you NEED to.
My outfit for the show, and showing off my swanky badge
The opening to Anthony Daniels panel, which was introduced by Grant Imahara. The video was exactly what you would expect-a compilation of C3PO in all the Star Wars films currently released. 
Anthony Daniels himself-he is such a sassy man!
Display, not cosplay.
We even had a visit from R2D2!
I NEED that Yoda picture.
And this one. Actually, I just really need a lot of art.
The R series builders were in the house, which was awesome to see.
This Thrall cosplay was AMAZING and was this guys first BIG cosplay project. He made the entire thing, from the muscle suit, to the mask, EVERYTHING. He won both his category, and the overall.

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