Sunday, 25 March 2012

A bit of Japan, and other oddities

Actually, there isn't much to say about Japan at the moment, but there IS finally a video. There will actually be several videos, which I will upload in the coming week.

Shit, I might even get around to editing the videos that I have taken this entire time in Korea. Didn't think I took any, did ya?

Alright, here is the video for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I AM slightly retarded. It's been working pretty well so far, so Imma roll with it until the time that it does not.

Otherwise, I am currently drawing some stuff for my comic. I know, I know, the drawing still sucks, but, whateve's. I am making a comic, and I feel pretty good about that. The fact that I know I am a terrible artist, and yet still post my craptastic art should count for something, right?

No? Damn.

I got some fun thing planned in Korea in the near future, so there will be lots of things to write about soon. Right now just seems to be the working time of my trip here.


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