Friday, 27 April 2012

Bring on The Spring!

I don't know if I ever posted pictures of Soonchunhyang University campus. If I have not, then this is the opportunity to see some. Why? Spring has finally come!
Actually, it came a few weeks ago, I have just been pretty lax about my blogging.

So, random news-Apparently, SCH is a big hot spot for cherry blossom viewing. There are SO many cherry blossom trees, its insane. And beautiful.

I got a lot of pictures of the cherry blossoms, and of the mini festival that sprung up around the campus. There were lots of food vendors, stalls of small trinkets, and booze. It was kind of really awesome.It is also the hip happening place to be for the families that live in the area, and for little day trips for the elementary schools. The children wore matching outfits, being lead around by a teacher, all holding hands. It was adorable!

It only lasedt about a week, before the petals came down in a snowfall of pale pink, but it was so beautiful. I love that we have cherry blossoms in Vancouver-otherwise they might be what I miss the most about Korea.

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