Monday, 3 September 2012

10 things you likely didn't know about me!

For those who want to know more about me! Friends, or otherwise, will likely find something here that they didn't know. And it you don't want to read it all (TLDR-I get it) just read the points in BOLD.

1. I am extremely introverted
        I mean, like woah. I can spend time with my friends, but, even with my best friends, when I spend too much time around people, I need an alone break. Sometimes, it gets bad, and I need to spend days alone. I've got enough of a handle on it that I can do a few days, but, it takes its tole on me.
People exhaust me.
The inside of my head is my favourite place to be.

2. I am a militant vegetarian
        While I AM allergic to meat (seriously, actually tested), I wouldn't eat it anyways. I think its gross; bad for the environment; inhumane; and just unnecessary. And people who eat meat, but refuse to be told-or reminded-of what they are eating make me sick. If you can't accept the fact that you are eating a dead animals carcass, then you don't deserve that life that has been given to you for food.

3. I am an environmentalist
        I am huge on the environment. I'm pretty sure that since humanity fucked everything up, its our responsibility to fix it. Global warming? Fact. Wide spread pollution? Fact. Lower air quality on a global scale? Fact. Sushi eating dickbags eating the entire ocean dry of life? Fact. People are doing this, and its about goddamn time people took responsibility.

4. I am currently in college-but I already have a diploma
        I am in school for both English, as my Associates, and Earth and Ocean science (or Physical earth science). But this is not my first stint in post secondary education. Nor is it my second. Way back when I finished high school-a complete failure, barely passed, not even college worthy-I tried to sneak into university be doing Distance classed at the University of Guelph. Now, that didn't work out, for a lot of reasons (but not my grades, surprisingly) and I jumped ship. I worked for a while, and then went to the Ottawa Academy of Beauty for advanced aesthetics and cosmetology. I graduated with honors, and did that for a while. Which didn't work out because of 1.

5. I kinda want to save the world-an by world, I mean just that. The planet. Not the people.
        This related back to 3. People are dicks. There is only 1 earth, and things are finite. If I could, I'd wipe out over half the population-preferably the stupid half-and then live in a global, sustainable manner, with no over population, no useless killing/poaching/etc, and all that. I want to sorta save the oceans, and all those animals that humans have caused to be endangered.

6. I have an almost psychotic hatred of kids and people who sing in public
        Kids? I fucking hate kids. No, I will NOT change my mind. I'm 28 years old, so fuck you and your fucking biological clock bullshit. Not gonna happen. Singing in public? You can actually thank Korea for that one. There was this one annoying little shit that would sing EVERYWHERE, and i sorta wanted to murder the little shit.

7. I am exercise-aholic.
        Does this need explanation? When I was younger, I hated working out. I was lazy, and liked drugs, I was an outcast, and sorta hated all the jocks in the world. Now? I work out with the best of them. I lift weights, I run, I do yoga, I like martial arts-all of it. I am at the gym usually 4-6 days a week. I don't generally talk about it since I believe that I can be, and do whatever I want without having to tell the whole world.

8. I almost married a woman once. But she said no. And that's all you need to know about that.

9. I have this thing where I have low self esteem, but I still think I'm better than everyone else.
        And this has been proven. Both parts. I've won awards for my writing, and my art. I've participated in some awesome community projects, I don't litter, and I'm pretty honest. So I'm awesome. But I have this crippling low self esteem thing where I feel like I could be more awesome.
Or something.

10. I collect books and teddy bears.
        I used to read like it was going out of style-which it was. I don't AS much, which I would like to change, but I have been busy. And all my reading lately has been for school. Teddy bears? Man, I love them. I have so many, its almost embarrassing.

11. I came into my 'geekdom' late in life. Not because I didn;t enjoy geeky things, but because I thought it was shameful to be into video games, books, anime, and comics when I was a teenager. I blame my friends, and the crowd that I ran with ie. the drug kids
But, now that that is over! I love comics, and anime, and geek stuff, and movies, and fantasy, and sci fi, and cute things, and video games, and, chances are, I can beat your ass at Mario kart.

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