Friday, 7 December 2012

Chinatown Wanderings

While I still have 2 more exams to study for, I decided to take the day off (or most of the day off) and take a nice walk with my man to Vancouver's Chinatown. It's one of the biggest outside of China, which is kinda cool, and, having been to China now, I feel that it's pretty damn authentic.

I tried to get my hair super cute for the adventure, since it's all freshly shaved, but, man, short hair is a BITCH to curl.

We wandered around, did a bit of shopping, and went to the botanical gardens. I love the gardens when the sun is setting, which is some obscenely early time here in Canada. I kinda miss not feeling like I need to go to bed at 5:00pm. Like, seriously.

I finally managed to fine some vegetarian friendly kimchi (김치) for some kimchi bokembop. (김치보금밥) which is one of the meals that I miss the most from Korea. It is spicy kimchi, with vegetables in a rice, with a sunny-side up egg on top. It is delightful, and really warming and filling, especially on a cold night. Which today is. I THINK it might be the coldest day we've had yet here in Vancity. And, really, it isn't much to complain about, since it is 5C (41F), and much of Canada is much colder than that. It IS Winter, after all.

And now, some photos of the fantastic-and cold- gardens!


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