Sunday, 23 December 2012

Webcomics-The smackjeeves list

The comics I follow on Smackjeeves is at an almost ridiculous amount. But it's good. Some of them are better than others, but, that is to be expected. Mine own comic is hosted on Smackjeeves, and it is totally on the lower side of things.
But what is awesome about the site is that no one really cares. If its continuous, and well thought out, it will have fans. And that is a special kind of encouragement for comic writers.

So, without further fanfare, here are some comics I read! Show them some love and support-it takes a lot of time to make, and continue a comic and these people deserve some love!

Oh, and this nice thing about SmackJeeves is that there is a small description about the story, and how often it updates right in the page I link, so it should be a great help!

One Rainy Day
Adorable, but also kinda deep

Technicolour London
This one, I bought prints from her, and they are on my wall <3

Kiss Parade
Needs to update more often, so awesome!

Kaito Shuno
This one gets pretty graphic M/M

Lethal Dose
Deals with some pretty heavy stuff

Lost Love
Not a comic in the sense that it has pictures, but it's basically written chapters. Gets real heavy. Like, wow.

Seriously, just awesome. The characters are my current desktop background ^^

Light Romantic
Also needs to update more often

More updates! Amazing art.

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