Friday, 21 December 2012


*Wow, I meant to post this before the one about the yaoi, but, apparently I didn't. My bad.*

I read a lot of webcomics, and comics that I can find on the web. Not just superhero stuff either, although I enjoy that too. But sometimes I really like to read stuff that other people, other regular, not professional people write and draw.

I like to read a lot of different genres, from action to gay love, to mad science. As long as its got a decent plot and art, I am all over it. I especially like to read comics from local artists. There are so many internet famous artists out there that get so much attention that sometimes, it's nice to show the "underdog" some appreciation.

So, here are, in no particular order, some comics that I highly suggest!

Girl Genius
All about the mad science and romance. Pretty long, and seems to have no end in sight, which I love. Nice art, fun plot and very regular updates (3/week).

5th and Main
Updates are pretty sporadic, but its great art. So far, I like the plot. It's pretty short so far, so I can't judge for sure, but I am enjoying it thus far.

Honeydew Syndrome 
This is seriously one of my faves. It is sort of in the gay section, but it isn't graphic in the least. I know at least one of them lives in Vancouver, since I see her at all the local conventions. Seriously, it's adorable. The art, the story, all of it. Just fabulous.

Two Keys
Made by the same lovely ladies as Honeysyn, but a completely different story. It's about supernatural detectives, and, so far, nothing in the gay area of things. I really enjoy it, although some of the transitions are a bit choppy.

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