Saturday, 16 February 2013

My new Project

I know I mentioned that I had a project on the go before, and now, here is its official (?) announcement. Or something. That project is put on hold. Here is a new project instead!
It's still in its very early stages, and there is still a lot of planning to go, but I feel that it's time to let the world know what I got going on. I guess.

I am writing a book. Well, in a way. I am collecting stories and photos and, along with my own stories and photos and commentary and compiling them into a book.
What kind of book, you ask?

A book about cutting.

Not bodybuilding cutting, but, blade to skin, blood welling kind of cutting.

This is something that is very personal to me, and I think that its important that the truth gets out there, so that the people who suffer can get proper help. The media has demonized cutters, and those who suffer from self hate, and most of it simply isn't true. Instead of helping, most people end up hurting us even more, driving us to hate ourselves more for not being perfect.

This needs to stop.

That said, I am looking for submissions from current and former self-harmers. Short stories, thoughts, feeling, blurbs, photos, poetry ANYTHING. So, please, spread the word to anyone you know that can help out. Those who submit have the option of being credited for their input, or remaining anonymous. I will never give  out the identity of someone who wishes to remain unknown.

Once this book gets made, majority of the proceeds will go to various mental help clinics, and help groups.

So, please help me with this project if you can! Spread the word, submit, and do whatever you can!

Submissions can be sent to

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  1. Hey, I'll have to send you something when I have more time but I'll contribute. I used to cut when I was in my teens but it's come back with a vengeance lately and it's like this dirty little secret that I have that I don't want anyone knowing about. It sucks.

    Totally get it, and I think this is a great idea of yours. People just don't get it. My husband doesn't get it, in fact it infuriates him, which in turns makes me hide it more. Something about cutting skin is so relieving, like a huge sigh of relief when it seems like nothing else in the world will "make it better".