Friday, 4 October 2013

OMG guys, what the hell?

Where the hell have I been, and what the hell have I been doing?!?! Not blogging, that's for sure.
And, I would like to apologize for that. I don't mean to be a big pile of poo about this.

I aim to rectify this situation now, with this blog! I am also rolling out my stuff about San Francisco from way back ago, and I also have some fun news!

I am starting up a YouTube channel where I'll be talking about all sorts of random fuckery. It'll be great, and you can all see how painfully awkward I am! Hurray, right?
It will  most likely be about geek things, like books, movies, board games and stuff, as well as some makeup and beauty stuff, and a whole whack of rantyness. Fun times.

Once I have that all set up, I'll make an announcement here, so that everyone (my whole 2 followers) will know.

You know you can't wait to see this face all the time.

I am forever awkward.

Anyways, I'll get those other blogs all written and queued up, so you don't have to go through withdrawal of my awesomeness.

Love and kisses

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