Tuesday, 31 January 2012

And off I go!

In just a few hours I will leave SCH, and be off to Seoul to the airport. On Thursday, we will be flying to Tokyo, and enjoying our time there.
It's only the, you know, biggest city in the world. I'm stupidly excited. Not even just to be there, but also to see my friends from Canada who live there, as well as some of my Japanese friends.
Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto...and who knows where else.

That said, most of my updates will be about awesome things in Japan, so, please bear with me for a while.

Oh, and remember how I mentioned a webcomic I was working on? Yea, I sort of started it. It won't OFFICIALLY start until February 26th, since that is when I get back, and I don't want to update my comic while on my super awesome trip.
That said, the link to my comic is here. Oh, and yes, my art is pretty terrible. It's only slightly better with pencil, but the computer does weird things to it. I am more of a writer than an artist. So, read it, enjoy it, share it with friends, mock it, whatever.

This song has been on repeat for like, ever.

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