Wednesday, 25 January 2012

And so it goes

This marks the official one week date to when I go to Japan for over 3 weeks. I have already planned so much, and yet still have to much to do!
Alright, when I say that I've planned things...this is perhaps an overestimation of what I've actually done, which is very little. I have Googled places to visit, and booked the hotels and informed our friends that we are coming. Does that count as planning? Mildly productive?
I still have to get all my money out of the bank, and get some Yen, tell the people here that I'm leaving (since they likely forgot already), say goodbye to an important friend who has to to back to America, and clean my room. Yes, that sounds like something a mother would say, but there will be people moving into my currently empty suite when I get back, and perhaps even before.
Least looking forward to-the prices. Japan is expensive. Also, the lack of a gym.
Most looking forward to-uh, everything? Yes. Everything.


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