Sunday, 1 January 2012

And so we usher in a new year

A very happy New Year to everyone! May this year be full of the things that were the best of last year, and free from the worst.

This year has been full of good food, great fun and amazing friends and experiences that I am so lucky to have. I hope to continue this into this new year, and even add some more awesome.

Some of my ongoing goals for this year include
-reaching my health goal of being fit and healthy and strong
-Actually finish my webcomic
-be more honest with myself
-Write more
-Go to Thailand and do a Muay Thai training camp
-Visit the fam jam
-live more
-laugh more
-Dance more

And overall, live this one life I have to its fullest. None of those are resolutions, or some such thing, but rather they are the things that I want to change or continue in my life. I only have one life, and I want to enjoy and experience everything this huge wide world has to offer.
2011 was pretty good, and I am ready to bring it on in 2012.


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