Sunday, 22 January 2012

An Explanation

As it may be obvious, I have been in South Korea for a while now-5 months to be exact-and there is a distinct lack of blogs before, say, a month ago. I want to settle that little matter.
I have been in Korea since the end of August 2011. I was blogging over at my other site, but due to the fact that Godaddy are complete douche bags, my husband and I pulled our sites from that company, and also decided to drop the server that he owned. Unfortunately, we left before we thought about retrieving all our old blogs and all that.
That leaves us here, with 1 months worth of blogs, and a big blank void of everything before Christmas.
I will be posting short blogs with photos about some of the more noteworthy things I've been up to, and have experienced. These will be pretty sporadic, and thrown in haphazardly with all the things I'm doing now. If I remember, I will post a little blurb about when I did whatever I write about, but I make no guarantees.


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