Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Today marks day 1 back in Canada. It''s really weird. I understand everyone...there's so much cleavage...and the food is AMAZING! I forgot how awesome food is when it doesn't all taste like kimchi.

So, the past god knows how many hours involved: leaving Korea for China, arriving China, leaving China, arriving Canada, meeting our friend whom we are living with for the next month, moving some shit, and trying to stay awake due to the jet lag, and time zone differences.

That's right, I got 2 July 4th's. Would be a lot more awesome if I was American for Independence day, but, whateves. Right, happy Independence day for all the Americans out there, and happy belated Canada day to my fellow canucks.

I'll have a better update when my brain is firing on more than 1 cylinder.


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