Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Vietnam, 둘

Apparently, this post is coming a long time after I had originally planned. The first post about Vietnam is right over here.

There are some awesome things about Vietnam, like the food, and the cheapness. There are also some not cool things, like there generally are with every country. However, I find that most of the big flaws in a country are only seen by those living there, or those who travel there for an extended period of time. This was not true for Vietnam.

It was a great trip, and I am happy that I went. That said, there is a great chance that I will never go again. This doesn't happen often, but, I think that once was enough.

There were some bad experiences tied into the good ones, which put an overall damper on my experience in Vietnam.

Most of my bad experiences were the people. Now, I DO understand that it is a war torn country, and that the war was not very long ago, and that many of the people on the streets and whatnot WERE in the war, or at least, their parents were. I do get that, and its very obvious when walking down the streets-the scar of Agent Orange runs deep in the people, and, for many, it's heartbreaking to see.

But that doesn't give them the right to try and scam me-and every other foreigner-out of money by using lies and deceitfulness. It doesn't mean that they can swarm me with cheap merchandise and get in my face about buying it. Literally. In my FACE. It doesn't mean that they can shove their ugly, crying babies in my face demanding money.

The Vietnamese people treat foreigners like they owe them something. Now, the war thing, I get that, I really do. But, most countries weren't involved in the Vietnam war. And not every foreigner is American. But, they don't seem to care. If you look foreign-you're American. And will be treated like you caused every hardship the country has faced-not just from the Vietnamese war, but, ever.

If you can ignore the people, the country is great for a visit. Beautiful, cheap, great tourist places, great beaches and some fantastic food. But if you have problems with rude, in your face people? Maybe not the country for you.

 Enjoying some of the sunshine while walking around the city.
 The Reunification Palace
 Random propaganda around the streets
 The Notre Dame-and me being sacrilegious. 
 That was a mall. I shit you not.
 This good was so good, it was insane! And all vegetarian! ^^
 View of Saigon City from a really big tower thing.
  View of Saigon City from a really big tower thing.
Saigon at night-just as busy as the daytime.

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