Friday, 27 July 2012

PaperGirl Vancouver-Opening Night

In my last post, I talk about how  I was preparing some art for the Papergirl Vancouver art movement. Well, I did! Actually, I managed to throw together 2 pieces of art, and submitted them with some time to spare.

Earlier this week, I went to the opening night of the exhibition at the Roundhouse Community centre.

The exhibit was up for a few days, and I THINK they are being delivered out today. I think.
Regardless, the opening night was awesome. A lot of people showed up, donating money for the homemade buttons, and creating more art to be given away on movement day.
There was A LOT of art at the show. And music. And food sponsored by various outlets.
The art was great, and totally varied. As were the people in attendance. It somehow all worked and created a really chill vibe in the venue. There was none of that pretentious art crap, just chill, laid back people who were all into free art and creativity. It was fantastic.
I look forward to participating in next years papergirl movement!
And now, some of the art!

OH, and someone snapped a picture of me and my man! I forgot to mention that! This photo credit belongs to Carol Browne 

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