Monday, 9 July 2012

So. Canada.

I have been back home for a few days now, and am starting to get settled in. It's been...interesting.
It;s all the little things that makes this place amazing, and so different than Asia.
I missed the mountains-actual, real mountains.
I missed being able to eat just about everywhere-and have things taste good!
I missed going to a REAL gym. I missed the sunsets, the fresh air, the amazingness that is Vancouver.
I missed being able to communicate with people, with no misunderstandings, language barriers, or my broken Korean.
I LOVE that so many people in Vancouver have so many damn tattoos. I want more, and i like not feeling like a freak when I walk anywhere in a tank top.

But wow, girls look...trampy. They aren't, I just got used to girls being super conservative. I know this, and I know that it will adjust soon. Just now, its...interesting. And blonds. Holy blonds! For a while, i was the only one around. there are PILES of them. Like I said, some adjustments are needed, and will come. It's reverse culture shock. That's all.

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