Monday, 16 July 2012

Papergirl, Vancouver

One of the things that I love about Vancouver is how quirky it is. There are so many events, festivals and other oddities that one can take part in. I tried to avoid them before I left to Korea, but, now that I'm back, I am going full swing into them.

I mean, why not, right?

Right now, I am currently in the (frantic) design stages of a piece of art for the Papergirl Vancouver project.

I LOVE the idea that I get to create a piece of art, have it exhibited for a week, and then randomly given away to some stranger I will likely never meet. It's the idea of living in a big world, and yet still having an impact on complete strangers. Something about it...I love the idea.

The only this is that it has to be in tomorrow, and I haven;t even started. Hell, I didn't even know about it until today. But, I am going to do it regardless. Just means that tonight might be fueled with coffee and creativity. And maybe some hummus. I love me some hummus.

Also-I just moved into my new apartment, and am currently without home internet. I have it on my phone, but that only works so well, you know? So, please be patient!


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