Friday, 11 January 2013

Capilano Canyon Hike

I don't think that I've hidden the fact that I like to go hiking. Its part of the reason that I decided on a school major that allowed me to get outside and see the amazingness that is Earth.
I now-thanks to my mom-have an awesome pair of hiking boots, and I decided to break them in on New Years day with a hike to Capilano in North BC.

Most people have heard of Capilano because it has a pretty big, fancy suspension bridge, which is a huge hit with tourists. I haven't been because I am a broke-ass student who can't afford the exuberant admission fee. There is also another suspension bridge, like, 10 minutes away which is just as awesome. And free.

Where I went did not have a suspension bridge, but it did have a pretty big dam, as well as a GREAT view of the mountains.

There are also some pretty big trees there. Not as big as the sequoia in California, but damn close. Especially for still being in the city. There is also a salmon farm, and we got to see some little salmon, waiting to be released for migration. I like that Vancouver takes some responsibiliy for all these fish eating assholes who seem determined to eat the oceans dead.

And here are some other pictures of the AMAZING scenery in Vancouver. This spot was only a 20 minute drive from the harbor, so there is no excuse not to check it out on a trip to the Vancity.

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