Saturday, 19 January 2013

More Hiking! Or, at least, the Seawall

Yea yea, I know. What's with all the damn hiking, right? Well, I like it. That, and I had some free time before the new semester started to do some. So, why the fuck not, right?
This time, i went around the Seawall in downtown Vancouver. It is also a really popular place to do tourist stuff, what with Stanley Park, and the ocean, and all the cool shopping and stuff. Oh, and the almost excessive number of coffee shops. Thanks to the proximity to Seattle, Vancouver has a reputation for coffee,  and shops, many of which are independent. And awesome.
So, yes. It is a fairly popular area of Vancouver. And just beautiful. It's awesome because there is a lot of nature, and animals and beauty, while still being in the city, close enough to smell the coffee, but far enough to feel secluded in the natural beauty of Canada.
Lets just cut to the awesome pictures, shall we?

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