Saturday, 26 January 2013


I don't feel like its too bad of a rant, but, you have been warned.

I was on Facebook, and one of my friends asked for a tattoo parlor recommendation, to which one of her friends responded that tattoos are horrible, and make people ugly, and that it is a bad decision all around.

I took offense. Lots and lots of offense.
But not because I am a tattooed person, but because I am for equal rights and support a body positive attitude. 

So, being the person that I am, I called this person out on their anti-body positive attitude. Seems pretty reasonable, or so I thought.
Naturally-since it IS the internet and all-she accused me of hating people that I had never met. 
To which my response was:
 I don't hate you because you're right, I don't know you. That said, I dislike people forcing their judgements 
on others. You don't like tattoos, so you think no one else should have them. What if someone said they 
didn't like gay people, so they couldn't marry. Or they were prolife so no one could have a choice if they 
wanted a baby. Or what if they said women have no rights so rape didn't exist. By telling someone they 
shouldn't do something that they have chosen to for, you are telling them that YOU know what's best for 
them, thus taking away the basic human right of choice. 
And that is a world I will fight against.
This is one of those things that I feel pretty strongly against. By telling someone that they cannot do something, you are saying that they are stupid and need to be cared for, like a subhuman, and not worthy of their own choices.
As much as I think that most people ARE stupid, I also believe that they have every right to be, without someone trying to take their right away from them.

I think, if anything, you-and I use you in the sense of a collective-you have control over what you do with your own body. You, and you alone.

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