Saturday, 27 April 2013

Fan Expo, part 1

And by part 1, I really mean that this is the only post with writing-the second one will be pictures of cool shit.

Fan Expo is pretty new to Vancouver. New as in this was its second year. Now, I gotta say that the turn out for it was AMAZING. I know that Fan Expo was a little concerned about bringing the show to Vancouver, and  paying so much for the guests that they had going on, but, mean, the geek's in this city have surely earned the right to claim fan expo for a long time coming.

The guests were great-although there were a few who cancelled who I really wanted to see (namely Tom Felton) but they tried super hard to get some great and varied guests. There was more than enough Q&A time with most of the guests, and each had their own panel time, as well as group Q&A if it were applicable (like for Buffy/Angel).

Drusilla/Spike- Buffy/Angel

Cassandra!!!!-Waynes World/Relic Hunters

If there was one major thing that I could complain about, it was the panels. I expected/hoped for a large variety of panels, that included not just the media guests, but the comic artists/writers and industry sponsors. I think I've been spoiled from the other Vancouver cons, which have a huge variety of panels and events-from cosplay fashion, to art demonstrations-and just expected the same from Fan Expo. I mean, the media guests are great, and they are super fun to watch and ask questions to and all, but I feel that a lot of the big comic fans want to talk to the people who WRITE and DRAW what they love, and see how/why they did something. I mean, meeting Stan Lee is awesome, but he doesn't single handedly write/draw/ink/colour every single comic out there (not anymore, at least) and it would be cool to talk to the new blood.

Stan Lee

Alright, so there's actually one more thing I would complain about-the line ups to get in. Especially for the people who pre-bought tickets (I did not, but was with people who did). I think that if someone put in the effort to buy tickets online, and show up on time, they should be able to go right in and enjoy everything they paid for. Instead, there were people who pre purchased, and had to wait over an HOUR. I think that is just so unfair to do to people. Fans shouldn't be punished for buying tickets online, and going to an event they are looking forward to, just because the staff were under-prepared for the shear amount of people who wanted to be there.

But, I mean, I had a great time, all things considered. I am so looking forward to all the other conventions that are still to come here in Vancity.

Part 2, a pile of photos, coming in about 2 days <3

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