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La Carmina Interview-Goth Fashionista and World traveller

Due to some interesting circumstances, I had the absolute honor of giving La Carmina a small interview about the goth travel lifestyle.
But, before I get into the interview, there's a few things you should know about this lovely lady!

La Carmina is a fashion, alt culture and travel TV host (Taboo, Bizarre Foods, oddities and World's weirdest restaurants), author of several books, journalist (including The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and LA Times) and a professional blogger over at

In short, she is a jack of all trades, and looks amazing as she does it. Seriously, how awesome is that outfit?


Other really cool things about her? She's from Vancouver; she's done work all over the world for a TONNE of different corporations; she has several books published; she runs a coolhunting company (La Carmina and the Pirates); regularly contributes work to CNN and Huffington Post on fashion and travel; AND, if that wasn't enough, she is the single most nicest, most amazing celebrity that I have had the experience of chatting with.
See? Single most awesome lady that does proves that those in the alt scene can be seriously successful without giving up their individuality and sense of self.


Where can you find this lovely lady? Why, various places, including
Google Plus

And now, for the interview!

Anteela: You have had the opportunity to travel all over the world,
exploring and discovering new trends, not just in the goth scene, but
in many things. What was your favourite, and what/where was it?

La Carmina: I’ve discovered that there is fascinating alt culture in the most
unexpected of places. Cities like LA, Berlin and Tokyo are known for
their vibrant Goth scenes. But I had an equally wonderful time
drinking absinthe in an intimate Phoenix, Arizona Gothic party. I also
loved trying squeaky curds and swinging on a bondage bed in Wisconsin.
It’s impossible to name a favorite place since they all have unique
qualities; I’ve simply become more eager than ever to keep exploring
the world.

Of all of history's past goth fashion trends, which would you like
to see make a comeback?

I’d like to live in a world where people wear giant sailboats on their
heads, as they did in the Rococo court of Marie Antoinette.

In your opinion, what is the best place for goth culture/scene in
North America? Europe?

It’s hard to name a favorite, since I enjoy smaller, more relaxed
scenes as much as the crazy, explosive ones. However, as a Goth travel
destination, I recommend Los Angeles; many big bands come here and the
club scene is electrifying. Here are my LA Gothic recommendations:
For Europe, Berlin is a must: it’s gritty, deathrock heaven. I also
adore Prague’s absinthe and Art Nouveau. I hope you find my Europe
Goth travel guides useful:

Favourite music (bands or genre) to travel to?

My blog readers know I have a weakness for cheesy Italo Disco. What
can I say? It perks me up and puts me in a good mood.

Favourite underground trend you want to see come into the mainstream?

How about bagelhead forehead inflation in Japan? Just kidding. (Info
on bagelheads:
It’s an extreme form of body morphing and expression that not everyone
will understand, and for this reason, I hope it stays in the hands (or
foreheads) of those who are truly passionate about it.

Fashion trend you most want to see die a fiery death?

I don’t hate on any styles, as I think fashion is an individual
expression. Something like khakis might be too conservative or
predictable for one person, but fit another person perfectly. However
I think it’s beneficial for everyone to dress in colors and cuts that
flatter them.

City, country, event you have yet to see that's at/near the top of your list?

So many! Dubai, Egypt, Transylvania, New Orleans, South America,
Africa… and I can never get tired of traveling in Asia.

Were there any countries that didn't approve of your pro-alt
culture fashion of ideas?

I sometimes get funny stares, but generally, people are more curious
than disapproving. I think reactions can depend on how you carry
yourself. If you smile and are open, chances are that you will have a
positive interaction.

Favourite piece that you just cannot part with?

I still wear some investment pieces that I picked up over 10 years
ago, during my travels. My long, fuzzy white coat from London is
timeless to me

Favourite hair and makeup product you discovered during your travels?

I always stock up on decadent false eyelashes and lash glue while in
Hong Kong and Japan. They're much cheaper and better than the ones in
the West.

When you travel for extended periods of time, how do you decide
what comes with, and what stays at home?

I don’t stress too much about packing, since I can pick up essentials
along the way. If I’m doing on-camera TV work, I always bring my basic
makeup products (especially Make Up Forever HD foundation and powder),
and prepare my outfits ahead of time. You can see my TV hosting reels

Have you considered getting Basil Farrow a friend? If so, would
he/she also be a Scottish Fold, or another variety?

It’s Fold or nothing! They’re an incredible breed; so gentle and
intelligent and fuzzy-faced. However Basil Farrow is the Pharoah --
I’m sure he wants to keep my full attention, and not share any
portions of food! Tons of his cute photos are at:



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