Wednesday, 3 April 2013


It's Spring here in Vancouver. There has been some glorious weather the past few days, and it has been just lovely to take walks around in the sun.

Now, for those that don't know, because you don't know about Canada, or whatever, but Vancouver is on the coast. Here, we get the same weather as Seattle, which is about 3 hours away. And has the reputation as the Rain City. This is a well deserved reputation.

It's always raining here.

Which is why having nearly 2 weeks without rain, in the spring no less, is something of a rarity. To have such nice temperatures too (16C, 60F), well, just wow.

Because there has been such great weather, the sakura are up in (almost) full bloom! I LOVE cherry blossoms. I swear, they are my spirit flower, if that's a thing. Which is should be. Vancouver is super lucky to be able to have so many sakura trees, which were a gift from Japan (specifically Kobe and Yohohama) sometime after WW1 to celebrate the Japanese Canadian soldiers who fought in the war. Since then, the trees have grown and spread all over Vancouver, enough so that there is now an annual Cherry Blossom festival.

But, even before the festival, the trees are out in their pale pink glory, obscuring the sky with pink petaled clouds.

If you ever plan on visiting Vancouver, the early Spring is the time to do it. Nice weather, beautiful sakura, and lots of super happy people shedding the cold, rainy winter and embracing the warmth and beauty surrounding us.


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