Thursday, 8 August 2013

Africa project-updates!

So, remember back quite a while ago, I mentioned something about fundraising for a volunteer thing to Africa? (You can see the original post here) Well, I have an update on that!

We will be leaving at the end of December, just before Christmas, and heading out to 3 different countries in Africa to do a number of different volunteer programs.

Firstly, the most important things!

Where and what, exactly, you may ask?
First, we will start out in Kenya, where we will teach rural children English, Math and Geography, as well as computer and practical business skills, so they are able to develop a tourism/commercial sector. In addition to teaching, we will also help with building wells, and building for medical and educational purposes. We will be here for about 3 weeks, getting to know the children and other villagers who desperately need our help.
From Kenya, we will be heading to South Africa, where we will be working on a eco-tourism farm, which works to run local community projects, such as teaching and wildlife conservation, and bring in foreign money in the form of tourism. We will be doing small construction projects, as well as assisting with hiking trail development, plant and tree identification and control, as well as education involving local communities. We will be here for about 2 months.

Finally, we will be heading to Namibia, where we will be spending our time on a safari guest farm. Here, we will be spending our time on the farm helping to run the kindergarten, as well as teaching the locals English for their business. We will also be doing research in regards to local animals and plant life, as well as ways of doing eco friendly waste and water management. We will be here for 6 weeks.
As you can see, we will be quite busy working with locals in rural communities; locals with small businesses; as well as a lot of education. We desperately need extra funds to be able to pay the overhead and donation fees that come along with these projects, as well as to be able to purchase small gifts and toys for the children in the villages.

So, please, please, help in whatever way you can-every little bit helps, as I think our efforts in helping those in need will hopefully show!

Peace and love.

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Or, if you can, spread the word, or get involved yourself! Every little thing helps!

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