Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Heading out to the crazy train

No, really. I'm leaving for a vacation in a few days, after I finish my last final exam. I'm super excited, because we (the hubs and I) are headed to San Francisco via train, to meet up with one of my fabulous friends from Korea, who lives in Texas (if you read my blog regularly, she was the one who came to the Anime evolution last year)

And, the thing is, we're taking a train there! It is going to be a sorta long, but I really like taking trains. When I was young, my family went on a vacation to San Francisco, and we took the train. It was a LOT longer, since we traveled from Toronto, but it was still fun. I think this time will also be fun. It was also hella cheaper than flying, or taking a bus.

We have already packed our week pretty full. I don't want to spill all the amazing details until I've done them, and have photos for you lovely squidlings, but, just know that you guys are in for an awesome treat!

I'm going to try and queue up some posts before I leave, so there are semi-regular updates while I'm gone, but, I still have an exam to study for. I'll do my best!


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