Monday, 9 December 2013

Ma Birfday

Like last year, I managed to have yet another birthday. I'm starting to think these things might be annual? Like, maybe?

Anyways, I kept it pretty low key this year, since it's been a busy semester, and I just don't have any friends to party with, so, why depress myself with that, right?
I had a super yummy dinner and cake with the husband, and got some great gifts from the famjam. my sister sent me money to see KMFDM (see last week) and my parents sent me some yummy candy from Greece. It's almost like they forgot how to send mail, and sent ALL the Superman stamps.

 This is so totally a perfect birthday card, right?

Part of my gift from the hubs was to see Dir En Grey (see the next post for more on this) and a night in Seattle for the show. He also got me some small things, because it made him sad, thinking of me having no presents or anything on my birthday. He's such a sweetie. So, he got me a new mug, a hot water bottle zebra, who I named Herbert, and some candy, and foot soaks. It was super great!


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